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This side of the site looks to organize what I do. Just as i/o would intimate, I help start/finish things. By trade, I am a User Experience Designer, which means I can help plan, design, and launch a website, mobile app, or similar experience. I’ve been given founding experience as well, which means I can help at the earliest stage of distilling a raw idea to a refined end experience.

My first company–FoodCircles–has been in truest sense, a grad school I was paid to go to. I’ve been able to get my hands dirty with product research, design, and outreach, fundraising, direct sales, copywriting, staff and volunteer development, even software development (this site is hand-coded). The people I’ve met along the way have given me the know-how to create products that effectively help people help others.

What you’ll find below are avenues I’ve walked down to tell a good story and to let people be involved. Thank you for taking the time to poke around. Of course just ping me if you could use some friendly advice or think I can help.



UI/UX Development & Testing



Have you ever had an idea, and didn’t know where to start? Or perhaps you did, and knew exactly what it needed to do, have, and look like, and just needed someone to build it. Through learning things the hard way (read: massive losses of time and resources), I’ve realized that either of the buckets you fall in, you need a user-centered process to avoid wasting time, money and relationships.

So while you may see pretty or interesting pictures below, it’s surprisingly important to base these designs on functional customer or user research. And that’s where I come in. User research is what I learned to do at the University of Michigan. Informatics, is what I like to call “the wimpy version” of computer science. But it is not without its advantages.

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I believe every person has an art form of some sort that serves as an outlet. My mom’s has been poetry, my dad’s tennis. From 8th grade going, mine’s almost always been film. I started carrying around a family camera shooting pranks, parodies, and music videos. Our “screenings” were held on the little pop-out screen that came out of the camera during study hall. As a senior, I discovered this thing called video editing, where you could download footage to a computer, mess around with it, and spit it back out. Woah. Here’s my first edited short.

Soon enough, things got serious as I went from licensing content to “MTV’s Pranked!“

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