Challenge for you today

Walk to where you’re going with your eyes closed. Try to reach up to ten seconds before opening. Tap into the cadence of your feet hitting the ground, the sounds around you. Let me know how it goes.

This happens when you let middle schoolers use your camera at camp

Last week I got to take eleven middle school boys camping. It was through Young Life, an organization that walks alongside middle and high schoolers, helping them have fun and find truth during some of the toughest years of life.

We were near Astoria, Oregon (where Goonies was filmed). Typically, for eleven guys there’s two guy counselors, but we weren’t able to track anyone else down. The camp also didn’t have a dedicated media person, so I brought my camera as well. Knowing my responsibilities were to be with the kids, I left 75% of the filming to them. Here’s the result.

It’s rare for me to see such unrestricted joy in peoples’ faces. Camp is a good thing.

Unfortunately, the concept of escaping the suffering you may face at home for seven days in a near-paradise with hundreds of other kids just doesn’t exist in developing countries. I would love take part in helping more kids experience camp one day.


2014-11-13 13.41.51 is an attempt to organize the life of Jonathan Kumar. Just like you, I’ve played a few different roles in life as the years have gone by. At times I’ve found it difficult to explain or even understand for myself what I have to offer this world, so it’s time to put it down on paper, to borrow the colloquialism.

I’ve found it most helpful to “chunk” my life into (3) sections: Work x Life x Journal

WorkWhat I do. I’ll outline fields of expertise, whether professionally or on an amateur basis, and recall significant projects for each.

LifeWho I am. I will lay out the aspects of my personality, and etch down things that have shaped me to what I am today.

Journal — What I’m learning (you’re here now). Here you’ll find ongoing lessons learned through technology, music, faith, or just everyday observances. is also quite the coding project; it’s the first site I’ve written from scratch. Since 2013, I’ve been picking up HTML, CSS, and Javascript from, other app templates, and my friend Nico Arias, and I’m happy to say what you see here is completely written by me with a backend powered by WordPress. It’s not perfect, but you will see experiential improvements as we move forward. I believe will the first of many sites to come, which makes the i/o suffix most appropriate. 😉


PS. $5 competition — The logo you see above is more than fingerpaint. It also happens to contain all eight letters in my first name. Can you see ’em all? But here’s the kicker — I recently found out that my last name is represented in the symbol as well! First person to email or tweet me with how my last name is represented will get a neat little gift.. (Claimed! Nice one Paul!)

The Story of Sharwan Kumar

This is a story about a boy named Sharwan Kumar. He lived with his parents in a middle-class village, but his family wasn’t rich or even middle-class. He was born to a poor family.

His dad’s name was Vishram Kumar. His dad always went to places that he’d never tell his family about. His mom’s name was Kamla Kumar. His mom loved him a lot, and was kind to everyone.

All of his family were gifted. He had an older brother named Raju. Sharwan always looked up to Raju and always wanted to spend time with him. Now when I said that Sharwan and his family were gifted, I wasn’t lying.

His mom was a talented cook. She was the best in the village, in fact. One time there was a rich man that asked his mom if she could cook for him and his festival of wealthy guests, and so she did. But while his mom kept cooking, Sharwan went exploring. He went to his first Indian carnival alone, and rode the ferris wheel. He had fun.

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