Wanting People to Want What I Want

Ready Player One



I’m reading this book, Ready Player One, in which a computer scientist creates a virtual reality that most everyone plugs into. When he dies, he hides his fortune in the virtual world, in a way only someone ALSO obsessed w/ 80s films, music, and culture could find..


His best friend comments, “Jim always wanted to share his obsessions, wanted people to love what he loved… This fortune gives the world incentive to do just that.”


As I read this, I realize that I too want people to share in my obsessions. I too am hurt when I can’t find a few folks who love what I love. What would life be like if people DID love what I love? Am I just wanting to play God? Or..?


What would you give, if anything, for more people to love what you love? Or have you found that there’s plenty who do already?