Making useless videos

I believe everyone’s got an art form—the form of “painting” I’ve taken on is video editing.

This painting is about the cinematography of the Matrix, through one of the best songs I have ever heard. The three films told in six minutes. Each beat synced to a bit of the story.

Recommend you click HD and plug in some headphones for this one.

Song is “I Take Comfort in Your Ignorance” by Tycho & Ulrich Schnauss.


Why did I do this? What value did it bring to the world? I’m not sure it’s much. Every so often, I just see things in my head when I hear music. When I first heard this song in 2013, I saw the Matrix. Since then it didn’t escape me, until I finally started laying this together summer ’15. Each one minute of footage took roughly 15 hours to edit; it could be more.

Certainly a personal struggle in balancing stuff like this with the rest of the responsibilities in life—something I’m still working through. I want to praise God through hobbies like these—I know I don’t always. And yet, I praise Him for the amazing ways we get to explore and think about His universe, through pieces of fiction like the Matrix, and how we can bounce and reverberate it off of ourselves to see the result.