Relating to someone who has nothing

You know how easy it is to connect with someone who shares your favorite film, author, or team? (presidential candidate?)

Home Alone, Homeward Bound, Final Fantasy VII, and Kingdom Hearts. Some of those might not register unless you were a nerd like I was (am?), but these are things that came up in conversation with a few homeless guys in their 20s the other day at the Union Gospel Mission.

For some reason, I forget many of these guys had a normal home at one point in their lives. A playstation, a VHS deck, a mom to bring down snacks, just like I did. They spent time in the same way I spent time; they liked what I liked.

These three guys.. we probably would’ve been friends in middle school. They shared the same childhood. They were in my shoes. They’re not so different.

I don’t know why, but my mind has always created a line between “me” and “the homeless”. That line probably shouldn’t exist.

The only difference is that they’ve been though a lot more shit than I have.

There’s not as much that separates me as I thought.