I believe in BOFO

There’s an employee with special needs that works at my home gym back in Chicago. Something caught Curt’s attention as I walked in with an old hoodie I hadn’t worn in years.

“What is that?”, Curt asked, as he got closer to me.

I looked where he was looking and noticed a tarnished badge on my left breast pocket. I’d made it in 2013 as we were preparing to launch joinfoodcircles.org.

An image of the badge I was wearing
(BOFO = Buy One, Feed One)

“Oh.. it’s nothing.”

“Well, what is it?”

“…it’s for a project I’ve worked on to feed the hungry.”

“That’s not nothing.”


Food is everything to everybody. That’s not nothing.”

“I guess you’re right… It’s not nothing.”


Sometimes, truth can reach you in unexpected ways. FoodCircles was built to provide nutrition to those who don’t have it. It happens when you provide nutrition to yourself and your family or friends. Food is important to us. It’s just as important for our neighbors who can’t afford to eat like we can.

We’re bringing FoodCircles online so hunger orgs around the nation can use it. We need your help to afford a small team of contractors to “seal up” what we built in Grand Rapids so it can be used by others. Would you consider helping make this possible?

FoodCircles Generosity Campaign

This fund “bridges” us to the point where we can take grants as we attain 501(c)3 nonprofit status. There is a cool list of perks for participants as well.