A Year Ago, I Moved to Seattle


Hey G,

In the last year, you’ve done some pretty crazy things here in Seattle. Thanks for being present here. Here’s a fraction that I actually remember:

  1. The catalyst that you used to get me moving to Seattle – the entrepreneurship-in-residence program at Impact Hub Seattle, and all the people you let me serve (and so meet) along the way.
  2. The way you pulled strings to get me a great place to live and a great roommate – Rachel England providing me 9 days of housing to find a place; a chef in Queen Anne promising to rent a room me then selling it to his next appointment; and James Zerkle, my last resort, who botched the craigslist posting so bad he only got 20 responses instead of 100, picked me out of the lot, and turned out to be the opposite of my fears of living with a designer.
  3. The outlets you gave me in terms of pitch events, sports meetups, and of course hackathons, to start making friends and exercising my passions (among them were Beer&Code, Eastside Football, Writer’s Table, Zino Society, Open Projector Night, Angels and Pitchers, Sandlot Pickup Baseball, Protohack, ATT Mobile Hack, Angel Hack, Design4Good – all amazing.)
  4. What you pulled in Ann Arbor with MTank (Adam not able to make it to pitch FoodCircles, a pivot on the plane to pitch an idea called GiveSafe, my friends stepping up until 4am to help me prepare a 2-minute “silent pitch”).
  5. The Midwest road trip you sent me on and how it affected my views and music – seeing Vivake get married, seeing Caleb and Andrew Bishop in Troy OH, discovering RadioU) plus getting me out on other random trips: sf ’14, a weekend with Caleb in Iowa before I left, retreat with Bethany Community Church on how you want us to treat animals, Malibu with Young Life men, Breakaway with my Wyldlife kids, a trip to Portland and Grand Rapids, Thanksgiving in Chicago, a mountain lodge trip with Sanctuary Church, Vancouver BC with none other than my main man, Bruno Guidolim.
  6. Bringing people who welcomed me here, Rachel E., Rick D., Roberto S., the young life crew and parents, Sydel, Michael Grabham, Mike Ma, DJ Pandian, Tyler B., Sebastien R., Andrew E., Jason K., Brian H., Anil G., Kevin C., Zee Z., James Z., Rene H., Qays P., Daniel T., John I., Sharis, Shelley B., Sarah H. and people all over the Impact Hub.
  7. Preparing a place for me to serve youth again, and being so welcome and needed. Not only that, but the connections to people like Brent Turner and Eddie Wang that have proven so valuable.
  8. How you had a purpose for each dollar I received or spent (AC, UK, RB, FC restaurants, MM, DP). What I made was just dollars enough to keep me pursuing what I feel created to do.
  9. Giving me affordable living, food, officespace, and transportation – I feel so blessed despite having little on paper
  10.  Helping me finish stuff I started (Talim, the code on this website, Spare Room Grand Rapids (radio interview at 1:13:00)) plus starting stuff like Out of Body, a film about the Matrix, Proofing Buddy, and of course, GiveSafe.
  11.  Everything you pulled together to transition me to a new company, GiveSafe (staff, volunteers, partners, competitions, advisors, early adopters, continued stewardship from HML for FoodCircles)
  12.  Giving me some tough lessons learned: FoodCircles failure in Seattle/hiatus in Michigan, working with the wyldlife kids, facing loneliness, royally messing up Social Venture Fast Pitch, slow mornings, getting locked out of the TTNG concert, late nights, being a sinful person in general
  13.  Your forgiveness and your wisdom and your presence here.

What does the year ahead look like? It’ll be different. It’ll be a sequel to build upon this. My dad recommends consecration of my time in three ways:

  1. Pursuit of devotion and service to You, knowledge of You, walking with You
  2. Pursuit of economic viability and education as you pursue the above
  3. Pursuit of a suitable helper and companions as I sort all this out

Thanks G, going for it.
– Jonathan